Interim Executive Committee

The ANWS came into being during the 2nd World Conference of Women Shelters in February 2012 in Washington DC where some members of the African Caucus volunteered to become interim members of the Executive Committee. Members of the Interim Executive Committee include:

  1. Beverly Goll-Yekeson, Liberia
  2. Cecilia Manuel Mtembe, Mozambique
  3. Dr Mrs Ify Ofong, Nigeria
  4. Francess Alghali, Sierra Leone
  5. Grace Mbugua, Kenya
  6. Justine Masika Bihamba, Democratic Republic of Congo
  7. Lucinda Evans, South Africa
  8. Luzette Ndongo Zinga Ankeuh, Cameron
  9. Maria Munir Yusuf, Ethiopia
  10. Mary Balikungeri, Rwanda (Chairperson)
  11. Netty Musanhu, Zimbabwe

Currently, the Interim ANWS Secretariat is being hosted by the Rwanda Women’s Network in Kigali, Rwanda, and headed by Mary Balikungeri. (RWN link)